Mergers & Acquisitions

We have closed some of the landmark M&A deals in Bulgaria during the last decade. As acknowledgement to that, in 2016 we were accepted as an exclusive member for Bulgaria of M&A Worldwide, one of the top 5 global alliances of independent M&A firms with offices in 40 countries and in excess of 420 deals closed last year alone. Through our Partnership we are able to access an unusual range of strategic buyers, acquisition and merger candidates, as well as financial partners to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

We assist our clients in identifying  investment opportunities, merger and acquisition targets or partners.  We undertake the management of each stage of the process, from developing a proper initial introduction through due diligence to the successful closing of the deal. We facilitate FDI, management buy-outs, divestments or acquisition of separate assets or fully operational businesses.

Our prime services in M&A advisory include:

  • Sell side or buy side representation;
  • Exit review & Sale prep;
  • Valuations;
  • Identification of buyers or targets;
  • Deal structuring and negotiations;
  • Deal closing;
  • Post-acquisition restructuring.

Sell-Side Representation

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Innimmo operates as a professional adviser for owners of mid-sized companies as well as for the top management of large groups that want to divest subsidiaries. In these cases, we identify buyers and handle the different interests of the various parties. For instance, highlighting synergies and corporate results, putting together alternative deal models and incentives with the objective of ensuring the best deal possible to the seller.

When selling a business, it is important to identify a number of bidders to ensure negotiating power and choice. Price is not the only consideration: company culture and how existing management are handled is a key issue. Keeping the managers informed and motivated; ensuring that their long term interests are aligned with the company; possible integration with a purchaser’s management structure, these are all areas where the experience of our partners can be invaluable.

In a divestiture the interests of the owners of a company and the management are not always aligned. If option or bonus schemes are an issue, their interests may even be opposed. Management will tend to emphasise relational issues with new owners and may want to limit the search or to control the process. Sometimes the management itself may be an alternative bidder to external buyers. Innimmo helps to solve these issues in the best interest of the assignor.

Buy-Side Representation

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Have you considered how much time and resources you will have to commit to the acquisition process, while at the same time you continue to manage your existing business? This is where Innimmo will provide you with a valuable resource committed to achieving a successful result.

From a strategic, tactical and financial point of view realizing an acquisition is a complex and demanding process. Development of strategy and preparation of effective tactics are essential, and a careful selection of appropriate target companies is key. There may be opposition to a takeover. The management of the target company may view the process negatively — all acquisitions entail a loss of control to a greater or lesser extent. The psychology of negotiations and the difficulties of post-takeover integration of operations and management need evaluation and advice. Innimmo handles these aspects on a regular basis in a variety of sectors. We are, therefore, able to give you valuable professional support based on long experience of how to address and resolve these issues and how to avoid possible pitfalls.

Private Equity

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Private equity (PE) and venture capital firms provide capital for growing companies across all business sectors in the world market. They provide long-term capital to ensure steady growth or to restructure a struggling business segment. PE companies often have both the financial muscle and the industrial background to focus on the right strategic moves for the companies they invest in.

Innimmo has contributed in locating attractive acquisition objects for PE companies and exit management of existing portfolio companies. We have also negotiated on behalf of the owners of companies sold to PE companies.


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Innimmo has contributed to several MBO/MBI structures, serving the management team in structuring the business case, negotiating with the current owners and contributing to find co-investors to buy the target.


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We operate as professional advisors in mergers to ensure that every aspect of the transaction is covered and to contribute to a win-win solution between the two merging companies. We have experience with numerous successful deals between small and medium-sized companies.

To discuss our M&A services further, please contact Valeri Valtchev, Managing Partner, Alexander Pazderski, Managing Partner, or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.